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Members the online renewal system is available now. Each member, with an email address, will receive an email reminder with instructions on how to renew. If your email address has changed or we don't have an address for you -- you will not receive the reminder, so please use the "Contact Us" form below to give us a valid email address. Remember we use email as our method of communicating information to members. And we don't accept "I didn't get any notice" as an excuse for failing to renew on time to avoid a penalty.

Members wishing to renew for 2019 can now do it online, the Instructions can be dowloaded here.

A summary of the steps are outlined below, but please look at the file above for more complete instructions.

  1. Below you will need to give us your FULL membership number, including the ‘dash’, it can be found under your name on your membership card. You will also need and the six digit PIN that was email to you.
  2. Also if you are a ‘General’ member, you will need to indicate if you have a work credit.
    • If you do, you need to describe what work you preformed. Note, it will be verified!
  3. Click on the ‘Renewal Form’ button.
  4. The renewal form will need to be filled-in, this allows us to verify your information. Click ‘Continue’
  5. Check your information then choose to pay by check or credit card.
  6. At the end you should see the ‘Success’ announcement, if you didn't see ‘Success’ something went wrong.
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