Things at the Club

New Range Additions

Some of you may have noticed the tree removal going on behind the new ranges. The club has awarded a contract for the new 100-yard and 200-yard rifle ranges. You should see dirt moving now and we hope to have the new ranges operational before fall. The only changes to our normal operation will be that the current pistol bays (P1 - P3) will be closed. All the other ranges will remain open during the construction, although we will have a temporary access to the "W" & "S" bays.

New Website

Right here in front of you is our new website. It has been streamlined and hopefully easier to get around in. If there is anything that you feel should be added to the site, please leave us your thoughts. Just click the "Contact Us" link below and fill-in the form.

Electric Gate

Some other things that have been added include the new electric gate. To go with the gate you’ll be receiving a new RFID proximity membership card. This will allow you to just wave your card near the reader and the gate will open. But after passing through be sure to wait for the gate to close behind you before moving on.

Credit Cards

Also the club is now able to accept credit cards. In the clubhouse to purchase merchandise, rounds of trap or skeet as well as shotgun shells. There is a minimum ammount of $15.00 per transaction and we will need to add 3% to the price. Also we are able to accept credit cards on the website to make it easier to pay your renewal dues next year.