Things at the Club

New Ranges

Some of you may have noticed the new ranges seem to be complete. What you may not have seen is we had the new ranges seeded and have been told that we shouldn’t drive on them as this is detrimental to the young grass. The Range Committee is aware that many members wish to use the longer range. So the committee has decided to allow members to use the new 200-yard range only starting on December 1st, but the committee does ask members to try to avoid too much traffic on the range. And please note we have NOT opened the two new 100-yard ranges, those will be closed until early summer, so -- DO NOT -- use those two ranges! The old 100-yard range is still available to use.

Credit Cards

Also the club is now able to accept credit cards. In the clubhouse to purchase merchandise, rounds of trap or skeet as well as shotgun shells. There is a minimum ammount of $15.00 per transaction. Also we are able to accept credit cards on the website to make it easier to pay your renewal dues this year.