Range Rules

Below are the rules for the opening of certain ranges. All but one of these rules are NOT new, they have been in place for more than seven years. Every member has heard these rules explained when they sat through the orientation class before receiving their electronic membership card starting back in 2016. The only NEW rule is the banning of 'Bump Stocks, Binary Triggers' etc. The only other change is the club has got serious about enforcing the Club's Rules and Policies.

So that is why we have stated that these rules are issued as a zero-tolerance basis, one strike and you'll need to answer to the board, strike two and you're OUT. There are more than 1100 other members the majority of which would stand behind this policy if it means them possibly losing access to the ranges again because of the actions of one person!

Let me re-phrase what was stated above: You screw-up once we turn off your card until you talk to us, screw-up again and you are no longer a club member. We cannot, and will NOT, tolerate unsafe behavior by our members, it puts all the others access in jeopardy!

If it is determined, you did not act reckless or unsafe you will be returned to zero strikes.

Everything stated here supersedes the 'Club Rules & Policies' if you have questions, best to ask first.

The dates and Times we will be open to members are as follows:

The basic rules are as follows:

  1. All members MUST swipe their membership card at the gate when entering and leaving the club property. This means even if the gate is locked open!
  2. You MUST check-in at the range building BEFORE moving anywhere else, the RSO will decide which range you will be allowed to use / share. If the RSO in not there wait for them!!! Make sure to bring your membership badge.
  3. When you are done shooting you MUST check-out at the range building. Again, if the RSO is not there wait for them!!!
  4. The ranges that will be open are controlled by the RSO. You may have to share the bay with others.
  5. Anyone identifying themselves as an RSO must be obeyed without question.
  6. If the ranges are listed on the website as closed, there is no shooting allowed period. Watch the website!
  7. Everything in the 'Club Rules & Policies' is to be complied with as well. If you have questions, it is best to ask first or possibly suffer the consequences.
  8. Again, there are NO Bump Stocks, Binary, Bi-Phase Triggers etc. allowed, see the 'Club Rules & Policies.'
  9. Holster work is at the discretion of the RSO, make sure to ask in advance. I would not come to the range expecting to do it exclusively.
  10. Plan to bring you own target frames; we are planning on installing PVC tubes 24" on center. All frames must be approved by the RSO.
  11. Steel targets are very questionable, the RSO will have the final word, but I wouldn't bring them. Ground targets -- don't even think about it.

This set of rules may change daily, so check the ‘Members’ web page before coming to the range. Saying I didn't see the change is no excuse. The website will have the most current list of rules!

By coming to the range to shoot you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to comply with these rules and are aware of the possible consequences.

Attention Members

Are You a Current NRA RSO?

We could use your help manning the ranges. If you are interested and willing to help please email the club with a copy / scan of you current certificate / wallet card. Include what days and times you would be able to help. If you have questions or would like to help you can use the 'Contact Us' page.

Not an RSO?

We could use still use your help to man the range building. If you are interested and willing to help please email the club, or 'Contact Us,' with the days and times you would be able to help. Don't worry we will teach you everything you'll need to know.

Other Rules & Policy Changes

The changes include R1 and R2 are the full length of the range only there will be NO shooting at any intermediate distances, R3 remains 200 yards ONLY. The other major change is 'bump-stocks', 'binary', 'bi-phase' triggers or any other device or method, which includes a belt loop, that modifies, improves, or increases the rate of fire is prohibited.

Member Renewal Change

The renewal system will be available in October. Each General and Spousal member will receive an email from the club with instructions on how to renew, make sure you have our email address in your 'Safe' list. The dates to renew have changed and are different than last year. The last day to renew without a penalty is December 31st, then for the month of January you can renew but you will need to pay the $100.00 processing fee again.