Update: September 21, 2023. The Executive Committee met last night and reviewed the NRA's report. There are a few items that the club will need to address. The committee did approve some of the recommendations and will be implementing them.

An important thing to remember is we are still going to enforce the rules and keep the two strike policy, we will not slack off on this. So remember to scan in and out of the range property and you MUST sign-in at the range building with the RSO on duty!

Now --- if you are can volunteer some time each week or interested in some part-time work use the 'Contact Us' below and let us know we'll get back to you for sure!

Update: September 18, 2023. We have received the NRA's Range Inspection Report. The Chief RSO and the Range Committee is evaluating the reported discrepancies and suggestions. The Executive Committee will also be informed of the report at the meeting on Wednesday.

Update: September 9, 2023. The NRA's Range Inspector was here and did his review of our ranges. I wish I can report more but we are waiting on the final report before we can make an informed decision. I can say that the inspector was pleased with the 'W' and 'S' bays except for the steel target frames. He did see some problems with the 'R' ranges especially R3 and R2.

Update: August 18, 2023. The NRA's Range Inspection Group specializing in bullets leaving a range, is scheduled to visit by the end of this month.

The Executive Committee did discuss the issue of dues, we will not be issuing any refunds or reduced dues next year.

The committee did come up with a plan to open some of the ranges for members only use. This will come with some stipulations that MUST be complied with on a ZERO-TOLERANCE basis, see the information on the 'Members' page.

Notice: Not complying is grounds for removal from the club!

Update: July 20, 2023. The club has contracted the NRA's Range Inspection Group specializing in bullets leaving a range, the club is in their queue and they may visit sometime the next 60 to 90 days or earlier depending on their other inspections. The Executive Committee will be meeting to discuss the issue of dues, but you need to be aware the club cannot operate on 50% dues without making other fiscal changes to our operation. The committee will also be looking at other possible ideas to allow some range access, but nothing is promised. We are working with the Anoka County's Sheriff's office and keeping them informed. More information on some other changes can be found on the 'Members' page


We at Beaverbrook are committed to serving our members and the local communities by providing a safe and welcoming place to enjoy the shooting sports. We welcome those interested in our club to come and visit us. If you are interested --- we are open to the public on Sunday afternoons, just check-in at the clubhouse and we will answer all of your questions.

Members -- We Need Your Input

The Range Expansion Committee is looking for suggestions on future projects. We are looking for ideas of things you would like to see the club invest in bringing to the members. Some of the things we are discussing are a 'Five Stand', '3D Archery', 'New Clubhouse with Indoor Archery / Air Gun Range' I think you get the idea. To give us your wish list please use the 'Contact Us' page and select the 'Expansion Ideas' subject. Thanks for your input!

Help Wanted

Beaverbrook is looking to fill some job positions. We need Range Assistants. If you are interested please visit our Help Wanted page the job description and a link to an Online application.