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Beaverbrook Sportsmen’s Club

Special Notice to Everyone

Hello, we are sure you have all been following the news about COVID-19, the Coronavirus and the pandemic that is sweeping across our country.  Beaverbrook has always had SAFETY as our foremost concern and now with this pandemic we are continuing our quest for safety.  Beaverbrook is concerned about the wellbeing of our members, employees and the shooting public at large.  So, in keeping with the recommendations of the health care agencies like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the mandates instituted by the our Governor, Beaverbrook has suspended all public and group activities and events until those restrictions are lifted.  The affected events include the Trap Leagues, Open Public Shooting , High School Trap and most everything else. If you are wondering if an event is happening --- look at the club's website calendar, if you don't see it there it isn't happening.  If you have any questions about your group activity, no matter how small, please don't assume your event is allowed, email the club for confirmation.

Once the restrictions are removed, we will re-open our facilities to all the events that were previously scheduled and continue as we always have, by providing a safe place to enjoy the shooting sports.

Please check back to our website for updated information about when we will resume group activities.


Basically, club members will have access, but it will be members ONLY. Please look at the Members page. If you have questions please email the club or use the Contact Us page.

Members you asked for it !

Beaverbrook will be hosting a onetime experimental shooting event. This is an opportunity for members to test their rifle shooting abilities out at 300 yards. Members will need to register for the shoot, as the number of shooters will be limited. Each shooter will need to qualify by hitting a 9-inch gong from the bench at 200 yards. Those that qualify will then move back to 300 yards and shoot for score. We will start qualification at 3:00pm on the R3 range and the 300-yard event will start at 5:00pm. At 4:00pm all the ranges will be closed, for safety reasons, and will remain closed until all the shooting at 300-yards is finished. For more information on this event, click here to see the event flyer.